Tradition since 1968

The neo bakery is a cheeky grandchild that is constantly teasing his grandmother with a new view of life. The grandmother is the Schnitzer Concern, which has been supplying Germany with corn mills and whole grain products in best quality since 1968, before it began, in the middle of the 90s to concentrate on the area of gluten-free products.

The neo bakery is now profiting from the knowledge of the past: traditional methods of baking combined with modern knowledge concerning durability. Grandmother wishes her grandchild all the best, and promises to help where she can.

So retro it´s neo now

Neo bakery

We live in times when even traditional bakeries often use mixtures full of unnecessary chemicals and sugar and other superfluous additives. We believe it is time to concentrate on the essentials, namely baking natural bread without additives.

A small step backwards can sometimes be a big step forwards.

Handmade in Germany

We care about our craftmanship

We produce in a modern bakery, in the sunny south west of Germany. We here have always estimated a high degree of specialist knowledge. That is why we have a lot of experts and apprentices in our concern.

We agree with emphasizing German quality in the baking industry, and do not want to dazzle customers with pictures of ovens and bakers hats.


Bake it simple and smart

According to this principle, we only put in what belongs in: flour, water, salt and yeast or sourdough. That is all it needs! The bread will keep because of the sourdough and the packaging, without additives.

Or, as Albert Einstein said: “Do things as simply as possible, but not more simply than that.”